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Bravo Lighting was created to support independent lighting and furniture retailers by providing the best possible service, all the way from the factory to the end user.

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“Our growing wealth of experience in working with manufacturers, designers and, most importantly, our customers, has given us an understanding of the lighting industry that goes beyond simply lighting for the home and a vast range of commercial properties.”

Our products have a proven track record of good performance in retail.


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Who We Are

Our aim is to support independent retailers by providing the best possible service all the way from factory to the end user.

We do this by having great quality products, establishing personal relationships with our customers, responding to all challenges and opportunities they present us with, and most importantly, when something goes wrong with our products, we will do everything within our power to fix it.

Although we are still a young company, we have already established a great reputation as a supplier in the lighting industry and have seen growth year on year. Our product ranges are continually growing, and we greatly value the opinion of our customers. We are always open to feedback and suggestions on how we can improve.

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Our Trust

‘We keep our prices fair so our customers can keep their prices competitive.'

We want to see all our customers succeed in todays turbulent economic environment. Our unique catalogue of products has something to suit every home no matter the budget.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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